Nigerian Fashion Shopping Festival: 70% Discount – Buying Guide for Men and Women

Jumia Nigeria Black Friday

 Today’s fashion is here, now,

at “Jumia Shopping Fashion Festival Nigeria”.


What is “Jumia Nigeria Fashion Shopping Festival” ?

This is a fashion shopping festival for men and women in Nigeria, held every year on Jumia Nigeria Online Fashion Shop during which the trends for the next season are born from the latest collections that are unveiled at the fashion shop and exhibitions.

Out of the Nigerian fashion seasons, those held in Jumia Nigeria Online Fashion Shop are regarded as having the most potential for disseminating information due to their history and the amount of buzz surrounding them. This is one of the most known fashion festival in Nigeria and have much influence in the country. This fashion shopping season is here at 70% discount on the fashion shop. 

These latest creations are showcased online for Nigerians. BUY NOW!


The Festival Slogan:

  1. To become the gateway for success in Nigeria for new designers.
  2. To become the starting point for cooperation between designers, manufacturers, apparel retailers and end users (customers).
  3. Make Nigeria more fashionable and enjoyable.