Jumia Makeup: 7 Tricks that Make You Look Younger in Nigeria

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We have outlined 7 anti-aging makeup tricks to help you look younger every day. We know you can’t hide anything on your face, so if you need some tricks that will guide you to stay at every life stage, here it is:


  1. If your eyebrows is more full (fuller), the better:

The main point of view here is to achieve a look that is well groomed, without delving into razor thin territory which has a disappearing tails effect. If it does, it will make your eyes to appear droopy and tired. Using some of these concealer and brow powder can do a lot of magic on patchy eyebrows which also add a little more liveliness. The best zanon eyebrow tools can go a long way here.


2. Use the face powder with ease:

We understand how you feel when you notice some kind of wrinkle on your face. It may trigger a minor panic attack in you, which may prompt you to apply the powder heavily on your face. If you do that, it will highlight the very things you are trying to hide. Instead try a lightweight, liquid based foundation like Mary Kay Timewise Luminous Liquid Foundation for a fresher, healthy looking completion.


3. On your eyes, make sure you highlight the inner corners:

Kiss Beauty Highlighter is an important face makeup tool for diverting great attraction away from the lines that appeared around your eyes. You just have to make sure that you applied it to the inner corners of your eyes and your brow bone to take the attention straight into your charming gaze.


4. On the use of concealer, apply lightly:

The issue with using a lot of concealer is that it will attract attention to the blemishes and lines on your face which you are trying to hide. A little application of Mary Kay Concealer is OK. So, keep it light and make it blend well especially around your eyes circles.


5. Lip gloss is very important, don’t rule it out:

The use of any of these Lip Gloss is very important because it gives your lips a youthful look that can compliment a superior appearance.


6. Protect your neck:

Take note of the skin around your neck, it is very sensitive. A little application of Mary Kay Foundation can help to cover dark spots around your neck.


7. Don’t forget to use blush:

When you want to use blush, make use of an angled blush brush to lift the colour upwards. This will prevent both the dropping effect that happens when blush is placed too low and the elongation of the face making it appear slimmer.